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Marble Surface
  • 4 Dental gold teeth
  • 4 Dental gold teeth

4 Dental gold teeth


Elevate your smile with our premium Dental Gold Grillz — where luxury meets functionality. Crafted from top-tier gold, these grillz are designed not just to impress but also to perform. Smoke, eat, and go about your day without a hitch. Built to resist tarnishing, they promise enduring shine and flair. Make every grin a showstopper and redefine urban luxury with these unmatched grillz. Your smile, your statement. 🌟

  • Choose the grill option you want to wear from our vast and growing selection. Make sure you choose the tooth accurately to the position of your body. If you want your right side incisor choose R1.


    We will then send you a mould kit with an instructional video on how it works so we can obtain an accurate impression of your tooth/teeth.


    Once we receive the mould kit back, assuring everything is correct and your gum line is visible, we will then create your grill which will take 5-10 working days to be complete and arrive to you.

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