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TheLightSho store policies

How The Grillz Work


Choose the grill option you want to wear from our vast and growing selection. Make sure you choose the tooth accurately to the position of your body. If you want your right side incisor choose R1.


We will then send you a mould kit with an instructional video on how it works so we can obtain an accurate impression of your tooth/teeth.


Once we receive the mould kit back, assuring everything is correct and your gum line is visible, we will then create your grill which will take 5-7 to be complete and arrive to you.


Personalised Jewellery 


Please do not order without careful consideration as Labour cost and/or restocking fee will be charged. Our products are expertly handmade and take days to finish. We recommend you have the condition of your teeth checked by a dentist before ordering teeth caps. We recommend you clean your teeth caps after each use. Gold caps rarely change colour due to body temperature and will tarnish (if less than 18ct) when exposed to smoking and drinking. For the sake of your sensitive gum tissue please don’t eat with your caps on.


TheLightSho is absolutely unable to offer exchanges or refunds on custom made products including jewellery. To be clear this means that we cannot provide exchanges or refunds on any items that have been specially altered or personalised for you in any way.

We guarantee that our products will fit on the mould you send to us but we cant guarantee the fitting in your mouth as the mould might not be 100% accurate.

If you cancel the order after we sent you the mould kit please note that there is a £30 charge for the mould kit and £7 for postage and packaging. The total of £37 will be deducted from your initial payment.

A 10% fee will be incurred as a result of missed appointments or cancellations.

We are unable to offer refunds for the items on sale.

We are unable to offer refunds in case of loss or damage of the item.


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